Thursday, 19 March 2009

Foxing Around ... On My Way to Work

I have an early start, leaving for work at 6am. A week ago, on my way there, the mist descended between Abu Dhabi and Bani Yas. This was a strange kind of low cloud; just a small patch of fog, about a metre off the ground. Mostly you could see quite well over the top of of the vapour though it appeared to move further away, the closer we got to it. I haven't experienced this kind of fog much before, and so I took a moment to take a couple of snaps and enjoy the morning air.

(Desert) Foxing Around

And then ... (slightly distracted - I was supposed to be on my way to work), I began to follow my foot patterns in the sand. I then had a go at making hand patterns and then to join up hand and foot patterns. Anyway, I decided to take a photograph or two to share on this blog.


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