Sunday, 8 March 2009

Chariots and Elephants

Sarbaz-e-Shah (Foot-Soldier/Pawn King)

An old favourite of mine. Modern chess was popularised when it reached Europe through the Spanish Arabs; itself originating out of an earlier variant of of the game made popular by the Persians. Shatranj شَطْرَنْج, as it is still known in the Islamic world, itself traces back to India. The modern rules are essentially the same as the original game of Shatranj with slight variants, however the pieces are effectively the same. The Shah is King, the Vizier is Queen, Pils/Fils (Elephants) are Bishops, Asbs (Horses) are Knights; Rukhs (Chariots) are Rooks or Castles and the Sarbaz are the Pawns (Peons or Footsoldiers).
You can play chess right here! (Click below)

Tor_Khan تور خان

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