Thursday, 21 March 2013

عید نوروز

نوروز د نوی کال او د سپرلی اوله ورځ ده ۰دا جشن تقریباً دری زره کاله سابقه لری او د نړی دری سوه مِلیونه خلک دا جشن لمانځی۰

 نوی کال په شاندار مرسمو یادیږي او هغه هیوادونه چې دا جشن لمانځی هغه افغنستان، ایران، تُرکيه، قزاقستان، تاتارستان او ترکمنستان دي۰ داسي دا رنګ نور سیمي پکښې هم شامل دي لکه بالکان، کُردستان، چین، هندوستان او پاکستان۰

 ټولو ته د نوی کال مبارک

تور خان


  1. Please don't take this to be Rude.

    Lmanzii instead of lmanzawi

    nawai kal la shandaro marasimo la jumlo sakha yadigii

    aw hamda rang nori seemi laka...

    I wasn't aware the Balkans celebrated nawroz

  2. Not at all stranger. Opinions always welcome. I made a couple of fixes plus one or two of my own. Anyways Saal e Naaw etan Mubarak/Nawey Kaal Mubarak

  3. Sta di ham mubarak wii!

    Hijri shamsi nawai kaal di mumarak wii!

    what software are you using to type in Pashto? It seems to me some letters aren't joining correctly.

    Do you know how I can contact Mesbah''Mahzala'' from PF?

  4. Salaam Anon,

    The operating system is windows 7 and most my typing is done either into Blogger itself or occasionally using Word or WordPad. I use the latter in particular to type Pashto if I am testing out formatting etc. I find that if I copy/paste from Word, certain formatting codes are copied to Blogger's HTML. If I then go back and make a quick edit, I find that letters/letter sizes etc. don't display correctly. I do check back on this blog from multiple platforms to check up on display.

    On this occasion, against my better experience, I used Word with all it's advanced features, but didn't trim back the hidden HTML that got copied across. I see what you are saying because on my Android device, contrary to my laptop/Firefox view, I saw that some letters didn't join correctly on my second edit.

    Luckily, (though it is rare) I can go back and make a third or even further edits to a posting so will tinker away and try to get this right.

    You have roused my curiosity. Tasu tsok ye? I can be PMed at PF.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have to admit I had never thought WordPad would be capable of pashto script, well to be honest the entire windows operating system is not natively capable of pashto/arabic script because it has no unicode support, Or so I have been told anyway.

      are you aware of any dedicated Pashto writing software?

      Check your pm shortly or whenever you have time.

      25 March 2013 02:00


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