Saturday, 31 March 2012

Equal All?

There have always been acts of atrocity that have shaken us to the bone and in this day and age, the media moves in as some kind of catalyst so that the shock, condemnation and outpouring is magnified whenever a news-breaking actions occur. In and amongst we ask the searching questions about WHY these events happen. But do we learn, and can we then use this to prevent what may happen in the future? I am not sure that we can in every circumstance. The individual human condition is such that the chain of triggers that lead to a 'rampage' such as the shootings in Kandahar a few weeks ago cannot truly be predicted and everyone has a different breaking point. Of course, that is not an excuse - it is, however, an attempt to understand.

A thought ...

The 'rogue' American soldier, Sgt Robert Bales, who went on a killing spree in Kandahar was removed by the US from Afghanistan almost as soon as he was identified. Early reports claimed that the stress of events in the war led to a build up before he finally 'snapped'. Kandaharis reporting back to Hamid Karzai, claim that this was not a lone act and there are voices asking for the soldier to be handed over to the Afghans. Increasingly - though clearly very much in place from the beginning of this conflict - the balance of power in this conflict is not about who is morally right, but who is economically more powerful. If Afghanistan - a sovereign country - was invaded by the US because the Taliban refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden, is Afghanistan equally in the moral position to send Afghan soldiers to the US to invade so that a wanted man who is being protected by the state, is also handed over?

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