Sunday, 21 February 2010

International Mother Tongue Day - پښتو ژبه

وايي اغيار چي د دوزخ ژبە دە
Wayee aghyar chi da dozakh jaba da
The enemies say that it is the language of hell

زە بە جنت تە دە پښتو سرە ځم
Zu ba jannat ta da Pakhto sara zam
To heaven I will go with Pashto

حمزه شينواري بابا، ١٩٩٤-١٩٠٧
Hamza Shinwari Baba, 1907-1994

On another forum, as part of my MA course, the issue of English language imperialism happened to come up a couple of days ago. I'm a non-imperialist, and a supporter of the right to learn in Mother Tongue. It so happens that today is the United Nations International Mother Language Day.

Here's the link to the document that details the General Assembly's Resolution on the protection of multilingualism.

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