Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pashtunistan Square

I despair sometimes.

Yesterday's bloodshed in Kabul's Chahr Rahe Pashtunistan [Pashtunistan Square] is an absolute example of our sorry state. A tragic waste of young life (and another blight on the name of the Pashtoons).

From the Wall Street Journal:

"We locked our shops and rushed outside. As we were running down, the armed men ran up the stairs to take positions on the top floor," said Mohammad Farooq, a 29-year-old shopkeeper. "Some vendors claimed to have seen these attackers, Pashto-speaking men in their 20s, visiting the center's top floor the previous day."

A thought from Bacha Khan: "O Pathans! Your house has fallen into ruin. Arise and rebuild it and remember to what race you belong."

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