Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ghazala Javed غزاله جاوید

I saw Ghazala Javed غزاله جاوید in concert a little over a year ago and she held the stage with a real presence - combining talent, beauty and grace. The news, therefore, of her death stuns me all the more.

Ghazala's death has generated world-wide media interest and various sources have reported the events of her death (alongside her father) as a domestic 'honour' killing, rather than an act traced to the Taliban in Pakistan's restive north. Ghazala's popularity stemmed Pakistan, Afghanistan, the UAE and across the Pashtoon diaspora. Coming at a young age, her death puts her alongside the many media icons whom I have periodically honoured for being forever known for their youth, beauty and voice.

Inalillahi wa ina illahi rajioun. Of course, the many unnamed people across the world who are killed and injured daily in various acts of violence are not forgotten and I hold a thought for each and all. From Allah we came and to Allah we return. May she rest in peace.

تور خان


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