Monday, 18 January 2010

Ahmad Zahir - احمد ظاهر

The King is Dead ... Long Live the King

Ahmad Zahir represented many things in 1970s Afghanistan - aristocratic, carefree abandon; politics and revolution. He had a brief career in education and journalism before switching attention to singing. His music was mostly based on Western instrumentation, his personal style was highly Persianised, modelled on Elvis Presley and like Presley himself, Ahmad Zahir was dead by the end of 70s. His killing on 14 June 1979 is surrounded by speculation - caught up in the revolution, surrounded by personal strife - he was dead, aged 33 on his birthday and the day that his daughter was born.

In this clip, edited using Windows Live Movie Maker, we return to Ahmad Zahir's Laghmani Pashtoon roots in a slightly rarer Pashto-language recording. The song, Oba Darta Rawram, (I'll Bring You Water) with it's Santana-esque flavour, is dedicated to his memory.

Tor_Khan تور خان


  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog Tor Khan. I believe the reason every one around the world talk about Ahmad Zahir is because he is some one that every afghan can be proud of. he is the king of Afghanistan music that even after decades his voice give lives to thousands dead body. His voice goes into boy of every new born child which today all the new generation around the world are singing his songs. every afghan child who breaths the music they start breathing with Ahmad zahir songs. he is some one that we can proudly stand up and say we are from a country where Ahmad zahir lived once.

  2. Tahera - thanks for your comments. Ahmad Zahir's music, popularity and his early death make him amongst those who are forever young, like James Dean, Elvis Presley, Nazia Hassan, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Bakhtazamina etc.

    His work continues to inspire and rekindle memories/thoughts of what life was like during his time.

    Personal favourite? I have many - his Pashto music is important to me. Of his Farsi tracks, I particularly enjoy Laily Jan.

    Thank you for visiting and please feel free to drop by and share your thoughts.

    Tashukar & Manana.

  3. Please share the Lyrics!
    I need it like Hell..!!
    This Song is Superb!!!
    But i am poor in pashto listening power!


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