Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Small Steps

Over the years, whilst I've always had some semblance of a plan, I have allowed myself to become slightly more open to the unexpected. One has to. It is a response mechanism, though in truth, I'm not sure how good I am at it. And always, Allah is my guide, to whom I am forever grateful for all the beautiful things I am able to see, learn about and share.

So here I am, working towards the establishment of a school. There are lots of strategic variables here that one has to be aware of and how these should be managed. Again, since this is Afghanistan, and since we are in a politically and socially sensitive situation, I choose my words and actions with care. 

There are delays - expect them - and there will be compromises along the way - expect them too, but the idea is that once the teachers are hired, I will support either by distance or by being on the ground, so there is always the probability of return visits. The vision is a good foundation to build on - and the encouragement from senior Afghans (in government and at all levels) and other influential voices, so far has been a blessing. Ameen. Afghanistan's schools need good civic education, creativity and the need to produce critical thinkers who will lead this country tomorrow. It is a long term vision and there will be challenges ahead, but it is a blessing to be part of this project and my contribution is just one small aspect of what many aspire to and dream about. 

I share a photo taken on my trusted mobile phone of the building that will be the school. Something tells me that I may be slightly overcome with emotion, when the school finally opens.


  1. Salam Alaikum,

    Nice House :)

    Please visit my blog:

  2. I always knew the path of an educationalist was slightly more bent than others, where one travels into the mind of a blossoming child and into the world of critical thinkers forever trying to break grounds. Although my steps on this path are still baby ones, the thought itself is so rewarding to know that this path crosses over the mountains and the lakes the world names its wonders, to the place our hearts desire and the sight of smiles the eyes yearn for - zemung watan, Afghanistan watan. Like your dream, one day, to be fulfilled InshaAllah.

  3. *M* - one goes from being a teacher at the chalk-face, to a leader within a school, to an advisor/consultant and then this. More than a conventional career path, this is a parallel emotional journey.

    I'm still discovering things whilst catching my breath and this project is one that means a million things to me. It's a baby step considering all that still needs to be done in Afghanistan, but one that I feel blessed to be part of.

    Bless Afghanistan and bless her children.

  4. A baby step or a giant leap, it's a step forward in the right direction. May the light in your path forever illuminate what lies ahead and never dim.


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