Wednesday, 27 July 2011

European [Dis]Union

Admittedly, Norway is not part of the European Union, so the title of this posting may be forgiven slightly. A part of Europe it is, however, and right now, this Scandinavian country of 4.3 million dominates the news. Not a happy event, sadly, for when a mass murder occurs inspired by racial hatred and right-wing politics, we are obliged to sit up and take notice. 

Our thoughts of course, are always with the victims and their families and no doubt the laws in Norway will follow their due course. But what I feel that Europe is forced to confront, is their sleeping discontent towards it's Muslim population. Not helped, by the actions of certain Muslims, of course, what is even more disturbing is that Europe has not truly escaped the prejudices of their historic past and so it shouldn't be surprising that sympathisers of radical Hitleresque ideologies exist amongst their midst. 

Call it the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Third Reich or the  Bosnia War, historically speaking, Europe has been there before - several times in fact, with the Jews and the Muslims. It starts with fear, propaganda, hate crimes and then state institutions that pass ridiculous laws. All of these steps pave the way to graver acts against humanity. When Belgium moves to ban the veil by drawing alarmist attention to something that I've often felt is rather more individual, can they truly claim that they are doing society a favour? I mean, where is the thin line drawn between outright Islamaphobia and liberal good intent? And if that line is blurred, where is the difference between Islamaphobia and divisive/hateful right-wing intent? In fact, where is the difference between the liberal good and the fascist bad?


  1. On my end of things, this part of 'modern warfare' hasn't been under the spotlight. What it should do is stir serious discussion and properly, for the people who await them, for the voices silenced and the generations yet to lead, define and simplify these distorted notions. A voice, from my angle only in blogsphere, but well spoken, and always a pleasure to read.

  2. Salaam *M*.

    Most pleasant to hear from you. Mine, are just rambling musings based on what I see around me. I'm glad, however, that you find the odd thought useful and adding to the commentary enhances those ideas. Manena.

    Fact is, Europe is testing and Muslims are tested. History has an uncanny way of repeating itself.

    I acknowledge in my posting that the law and order situation in Norway is better than most places, however, there are some deep rooted issues around race and religion, still unresolved. Who is to say that all is well on the European front?

    P.S. Your e-presence elsewhere is missed and thought of highly. Feel free to drop a thought or two here any time. May Allah keep you and yours safe, always. Ameen.

  3. Wa 'alaykum salaam Tor Khan,

    Precisely concluded. A few ideas to add, but perhaps, when I can rely on my internet, nowadays, the bad weather has got the better of it.

    And thank you for the thoughtful duas.


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