Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hope and Remembrance - Bacha Khan

Yesterday, I spoke of despair. Today I shall speak of remembrance, and with it, hope. In fact, I started 2010 with a message of hope. As much as I believe in peace, I believe in hope. If you take away hope from people, then what is the reason for them to go on?

On this day, in 1988, Bacha Khan,
Leader, Philosopher, Activist and Soldier of Peace died. Bacha Khan's words, whilst sometimes reflected the difficulties of the moment, offer a vision of peace and hope. His message, is one that I have repeatedly come back to on these pages. There is another way, and that is the way to peace, freedom and hope.
نن پښتون تە ټـوپک نە ،
د قلم ضرورت دى

باچا خان
Nan, Pukhtoon ta topak na, da qalam zaroorat de.
Today Pashtoons do not need guns. They need pens."
Bacha Khan

Tor_Khan تور خان


  1. Indeed we must be hopeful. I do not
    presume to offer any solutions; I am
    an Indian and my knowledge of the
    situation is limited. But I know this:
    where there is a degree of commitment
    to secularism, where there is at least
    a philosophical affinity for nonviolence
    and democracy, there will be more peace.

    Let's hope for a better 2010 - good luck.

  2. Thank you Dhirajlal - your words of support most welcome here. Bacha Khan was a truly amazing man so be sure to spread the word.

    The year is still young and I too wish you all the best.

    I extend a warm Pashtoon welcome to you. As my guest, you are always welcome here.

  3. salamoona tor khana manchester kay sakay?

    I'm from the north west as well ..theer is a significant community here..we even have a chapli kebab shop in Oldham side!

  4. Zak Jana ...

    Pa Khair Raghley ... When I am next in Oldham, InshAllah, I will have to find this shop ...



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