Monday, 30 November 2009

The Maple Tree: Wana De Chinar

The opening signature strings from the rubâb and the line, Ya Qurban (Oh Sacrificial/Beloved) from Wana De Chinar are a blast from a time in my childhood when films provided a bridge to our pasts and cultural identity. The film, Orbal , from which the song is taken,is a Pashto-language classic.

The early years of Pashto-language cinema represents a time when production techniques lacked contemporary sophistication, but on the whole the clip is well produced (and comes from a time when Pashto cinema was 'family viewing'). The video shows the loss occurred in the transfer process from film to video, from video to CD and then from CD to digital format. The music here however, is the key. Ustad Khyal Mohammed sings Wana De Chinar (The Maple Tree).

Tor_Khan تور خان

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