Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hunger, Poverty, Conflict

Hunger, Poverty, Conflict. It's all a dreary mess, and Afghanistan is one of many places where it all comes together.

In a survey of over 700 people in Afghanistan (reported by the BBC), poverty was cited as the main reasons cited for the ongoing conflict.

The report, by Oxfam, coincides with the World Food Summit that ended on November 18th (and seen, rather pathetically now, as not entirely successful in addressing food 'shortages') and the recent Jeffery Sach's inpsired film, The End of Poverty?

The war on terror lost direction a long time ago. What about a war on poverty, which is seen as one of the root causes of misery and conflict?


  1. I think poverty is not just "one" of the root causes; it's THE root cause. Poverty, illiteracy, and conflict all go hand-in-hand. None of them come without each other, and all lead to the others.
    Yes ... what about a war on poverty? It'll have fruitful results. What have "wars on terror" -- or at least what they claim as war on terror -- done for Afghanistan or the rest of humanity?

  2. To be honest Qrratugai, it's a bold political statement to say that poverty is at the root of all conflict, and something the world's politicians keep on shying away from. Whilst there are other causes of conflict too, on the whole, I'm inclined to agree that in places like Afghanistan, poverty is a major factor - poverty and conflict go very much hand-in-hand.

    Poverty, hunger and illiteracy are things that could be ended in a generation. It's that simple.


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