Thursday, 15 October 2009

... Fighting ... for Peace ...

Q & A with Teri McLuhan

In the Q&A that went with the screening of The Frontier Gandhi: Badshah Khan, a Torch for Peace, the question I asked Teri McLuhan, (producer of the film), was, "Is there any revivalist non-violent movement amongst the Pashtoons today?"

She said that a new generation of Pashtoon peace was essential, "We've tried everything else". I managed to talk in person after the sreening in a more relaxed atmosphere - she came across as a strong believer in peace and a supporter of the Pashtoon people. She was hopeful - the Khudai Khidmatgars were active - and there were educated professionals amongst the Pashtoons who supported peace.

The film, she explained, was 21 years in the making and that she had travelled across India, Pakistan and Afghanistan to make this happen. This had been a life's passion and that presently she needs to get financiers to produce the DVD. The message of Bacha Khan, is perhaps, too important to not be heard. She also said something that stuck in my mind. Standing behind the microphone, addressing the attendees in the theatre, she said that she didn't really believe in coincidence (basically having a belief that things happen because they are meant to).

Anyway, it seems that the my recent reading on Adventure Learning & Peace, the Nobel Prize going to Obama and the film that she has made come together at the same time and are all connected by a common theme of peace. I guess I am meant to be thinking about these things at this time.

I mentioned my MA programme and she said that she would visit this blog, so with this I extend my invitation with a personal هر کله راشه.

Her production company, is appropriately enough, is named 'Peace On Earth'.

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