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Snow Buddy There?

Expedition 2: Teacher Trail
Feb 2008 - May 2008

Of the three message threads that I’ve looked at - the second expedition has the most postings (over 350). A key trend in the second expedition shows a interest in the trail of Wendy Gorton, a fourth-grade teacher from California – she is the recipient of over 121 messages. Over nine elementary schools are mentioned, many dropping by just to leave passing messages and comment on team’s work. The most frequent postings in this category come from Wendy’s fourth grade class at Hancok Park Elementary and regular postings from Walt Disney Magnet School from Chicago, Illinois, where the project is followed closely, in particular by the school librarian. Wendy’s journey on the expedition trail is something of an inspiration to other educators (she has now undertaken a number of adventure learning missions), and includes some one-off messages from elementary teachers across the US.

The early postings in February show an interest in the dogs as the team comes together in preparation for the expedition and this is a common thread amongst many of the children’s postings. Wendy Gorton’s class are likely to be aware of her (later role) in the expedition and start to post early message, wishing the team well and making general comments on the dogs. The questions (around 30 of them) tend to be questions around the dogs and how they are doing.

Wendy Gorton’s arrival at the camp mean that her fourth grade class start to make more frequent postings and there is upward spike in the number of postings around April, including messages from an aunt and her mother.

Walt Disney Magnet School adopts a husky, Ginger – there are several comments about this. Some of the other postings by the school reflect the multi-ethnic intake and are comments on various other countries and places.

One of the adult posters, Teddy (posting to Mille Porsild) has experience of these kinds of expeditions. He checks back on a number of occasions to follow the trail and update Mille on his own travels. Mille’s son, Aksel also makes a posting to the message boards.

A key contribution to the postings is made by Lourdes Hill College, Queensland, Australia. The college returns to the expedition in the next trail where I will be looking at the contents of some of their posts in detail.

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