Saturday, 31 October 2009

د خداى په امان

Da Khudai Pa Amaan - د خداى په امان

One of the blogs that I follow will come to a close (for now I hope this is a temporary close). Mariam Jaan has been a writer of poems about the Pashtoon people and finishes with a book, Sorrows and Tears (that can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink or by going here).

Mariam Jaan has picked up a following in online Pashtoon forums - here is a glimpse of her poetry, a fitting poem on Bacha Khan. The poem is the property of Mariam Jaan. It's place here is completely in good faith.

"Just a Dream"
by Mariam Jaan

What would Bacha say if he were still alive today?
I'm sure his heart would be filled with dismay.

For our miserable state we have only ourselves to blame,
After all these years we Pashtuns are still the same.

Instead of taking care of each other and finally uniting,
We ignore our poor Pashtuns and keep on fighting.

Such great things Pashtuns could have achieved as a team,
But it seems to me that will always remain just a dream.

For our sake, I hope and pray to God all mighty that I am wrong.
Nothing will make me happier than seeing us united and strong.

Mariam Jaan,

Where-ever you are, if you visit this blog, please feel free to drop a comment. If you decide that I should edit this posting, I will happily oblige. In the meantime, thank you very much for your wonderful poems. You are an inspiration.

Da Khudai Pa Amaan - د خداى په امان - With God's Peace

Tor_Khan تور خان


  1. Really great poem, hope for better future as well more poem want to read which come out from the mind of Mariam Jaan.

  2. Akbar Khana,

    This is a lovely poem indeed, by an incredibly gifted poet. Of course, the message of Bacha Khan is a one that is very relevant today.

    Keep visiting InshAllah.




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