Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Roles, Rules and Responsibility

I was asked to compose a little poem yesterday as part of a Professional Development session. I was given the first line "There used to be chaos ... " and had to take it from there.

This isn't master class poetry by any means, and in all honesty, I would probably feel that we're still not too far from the "Routines were discussed" bit, but here I share a moment that captures something of what my vocation is about:

There used to be chaos when I came to this school,
I walked into class and I couldn't see rules,

There was fighting and running, did anyone care?

The VP; the teachers did nothing, but stare.

Routines were discussed, and progress was slow,

But with training and modelling, procedures did flow.
We now have a school where everyone smiles,

A journey we've travelled, we've come miles and miles.

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