Tuesday, 22 September 2009

French Jungle - دا زمونږ کور دی

This is the plee that comes from 700 Pashtoon refugees who have camped in Calais, France in makeshift homes - made from wooden crates and plastic tarpaulin sheeting. Conditions are squalid mainly because these people are stranded - this is obscene - who would believe that this is 'modern' Europe? How can we consider this civilised when people end up living on the fringes like this, right under the nose of the EU? The refugees want to cross the border to make it to the UK, but the fortress mentality of the Brits means that hearts and minds are too small to assist at this time, so the Brits have exerted pressure on France to close the camp.

دا ځنګل زمونږ کور دی،
که دا وران ک
ړی نو مونږ به چیرته ځو؟
Da Jungle Zamung Kor De, Ka Da Wran Kre No Mung Ba Charta Zu?
This jungle is our home, if this is destroyed, where will we go?

Considering that the world shares major responsiblity for the damage inflicted on Afghanistan over the years, Europe needs a wake up call. Sometimes considered 'pariah' states by political commentators, Iran and Pakistan took in millions of refugees during the heart of the Afghan crisis - comparatively, a mere 700 is hardly going to dent the economic status of countries in the EU.

They are sending in the riot police today to clear the camp. News link here.

Tor_Khan تور خان

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