Sunday, 10 May 2009

... verses from a distance ...

In my trawl through blogs of interest, I came across Mariam Jaan who has written an impressive collection of poems on Pashtoon/Afghan related issues. She captures the pride and the passion of what it is to be Pashtoon, looking at difficult contemporary issues and past nostalgia. I detect a printed anthology about to happen soon, InshAllah.

I have a couple of favourites, so I'd like to share a moment of her brilliance. The message of course, is central to the art.

"A Pashtun" by Mariam Jaan

When a Westerner thinks of a Pashtun, a terrorist is all they see
They have no idea of how romantic and chivalrous he can be

If you were to search all the world you will never be able to find
A man whose guests are treated so honorably and so kind

A Pashtun is a warrior, a poet, a lover, a politician all rolled into one
They have such soft hearts despite carrying around a loaded gun

No one loves to see the beauty in life more than Pashtun males do
For the sake of love there is no torment he won't gladly suffer through

He is proud of his history and remembers every hero's name
And he would rather sacrifice his life than live a life of shame

Whether gazing at his beloved, a beautiful flower or a starry night
His honor is on his mind and for that he's always ready to fight

Thank you Mariam Jaan, for allowing me to share.  تور خان


  1. Indeed, a very true depiction of a Pashtun:)

  2. Dera Manana Farid Gul,

    This is the story that is not being told. We can be proud of our traditions, without descending into the madness that surrounds us.

    Da Khudai Pa Amaan.


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