Saturday, 25 April 2009

Alarm Bells

You can never be certain of the truth sometimes. Ahmed Rashid, a notable Lahore-based journalist, author of the New York Times bestseller "Taliban" and a regular guest columnist for the BBC writes here:
The Pakistani government and army seem incapable or unwilling to tackle the Taleban threat in the north-west.
Unprecedented political and military disarray in Pakistan and a growing public feeling of helplessness is helping fuel the rapid expansion of the Taleban across northern Pakistan, bringing them closer to paralysing state institutions in their bid to seize total power.
.. Within weeks of concluding a deal with the government on the imposition of Islamic law in the strategically located Swat valley, the Taleban have already broken the agreement by refusing to disarm, taken control of the region's administration, police and education while spilling out into adjacent valleys ..
Anyone following news events in Swat will know this to be fairly accurate, so I quite agree, but read on:

... The Swat Taleban added fuel to the fire by inviting Osama Bin Laden to settle in Swat, indicating their complete control of the valley ...
What? If the Bin Laden invitation to Swat is true then I'm most interested to see what Pakistan or anyone of the world's major political players will do next. These are dangerous times and I have a young family. I'm confused by stories - the plan - may Allah protect all the people of Swat - is that we will travel and be in valley over summer.

'No need to worry'

The nonchalance coming from the top is especially alarming: 'No need to worry', Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani 'the Taleban pose no threat to the state'.

Alarm Bells, anyone?

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  1. I think all the friends will agree that Talibans are creation of Pakistan and Pakistan Army (backed by Punjab centric political parties like, Imran Khan, JI and PML(N) are providing them political leaverage). They have ingaged Pashtuns inside and are watching, injoying and getting money from the world. As long as we donot direct our criticism ttowards Islamabad and Rawalpindi they will fuel this war. Look at Balochistan, they are pointing straight to Islamabad and that is why now the Punjabi political parties are also forced to consider them. We should be straight in owr condemnation.


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