Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Father of the Gazelle

Abu Dhabi - أبو ظبي - Father of the Gazelle

There are four main artery roads that lead out of Abu Dhabi. At least three of them have had recent road works, so you can imagine the traffic congestion on our roads at the moment. The standard of driving isn't, ahem, that great to begin with, so the traffic is frustrating if you wish to move round certain parts of the city at given times.

I live high rise - fifteen stories up (if you count the Mezzanine and Zero Floor) - my views overlook both parts of this island capital - the high-rise Manhattan-esque half of towering skyscrapers, and the contemporary sprawl of villas, masjids, palaces, water features and parks, that symbolise modern surburban Arabia. Either side of the island, I get to see the blue waters of the Arabian (or Persian) Gulf.

Anyway, here are some views of the city where I live shot on my cameraphone.

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