Thursday, 12 February 2009

Shifting Sands

(Operation) Desert Storm

There was a dust storm in the air today; almost foggy, but actually fine particles of sand in the air coupled with a notable drop in temperature. The picture I took here shows the storm in the distance on my drive back to Abu Dhabi this afternoon.

The 150km plus road that connects Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, cuts through some beautiful desert landscape. In particular the sand dunes outside Al Ain, are breathtaking. I haven't figured how trees have rooted in the dunes, but endeavour to find out someday, InshAllah.

I said good-bye to the school where I've been based, colleagues and neighbours and packed up and left this afternoon. Al Ain is truly something of a gem. The slower pace, the authentic back-streets, the mountains and oases are what I will miss seeing every morning as I begin my regular daily shuttle between Abu Dhabi and Bani Yas.

Goodbye Flashing Lights

I got flashed by a speed camera/radar the other day. The Al Ain-Abu Dhabi road has a speed limit of 120km/h, but the common understanding is that the speed cameras are set to 160km/h. Now I would never advocate going that fast, but I saw the flash go off when I was at cruising along at about 4.30am at about 130km/h.

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