Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Chicken and Egg

Killer Chickens

I don't often get near chickens and so don't know much about collecting eggs. Besides I'm not sure I should get that close because I hear that if one coughs or sneezes on you, it means you might need to find a doctor fairly sharpish. I prefer my eggs - albeit free-range - to come carefully picked by some else.

That said, I have a little soft spot for a game that hit the circuit around the mid 80s where dodging chickens and collecting eggs was precisely the objective. Home computers were new and perhaps not understood too well beyond the gaming possibilities. My father, had this opinion that video games were a distraction but somehow I did manage to persuade him that an investment in a computer was like an investment the future. Result? An Acorn Electron, like a reduced version of the popular BBC Microcomputer soon became a popular addition to the family.

The Birds

Anyway, whilst for my father, we needed to be seen to be copying up a Basic program from the manual that came with the computer (darn good training!), my brother and I did eventually stumble upon a whole bunch of games that were popular then - Blagger, Escape from Moonbase Alpha, Killer Gorilla and so on. But my favourite platform game was Chuckie Egg. You got to play a farmer who had to avoid killer ostriches (chickens in some versions?) and a later on a flying phantom duck, whilst running around the screen collecting up eggs. The killer birds sound rather Alfred Hitchcock, but you could bounce all over the screen and jump from the upper platforms. Your farmer character was a pretty resilient little fellow. It's quite simplistic on reflection, but it sits honourably amongst the best of its time. One that brings back many memories ... 

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