Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mirwais Hotak - ميرويس هوتک

Mirwais Khan Hotak, (1673–1715) Ghilzai Pashtoon, founder of the  Hotak Dynasty and Emir of Greater Kandahar* is widely celebrated amongst the Pashtoons for ending the repressive rule of Gorgin Khan, (King George of Kartli, Georgia) when the latter was posted to Kandahar as Viceroy (Beglarbeg) by the Safavid ruler, Soltan Hussein. 

Mirwais Hotak, was at first taken prisoner by Gorgin Khan and sent  to Isfahan, but then was later granted the right to perform Hajj by the Shah. He returned to Kandahar to challenge the Gorgin where he raised a rebellion and took this to into Persia, ending the 200 year rule of the Safavids and establishing Afghan rule over Isfahan

MIrwais refused the title of King, despite his liberation of Afghan lands and his conquest of Persia, but instead accepted the tile of Mashar (elder). To the Pashtoons, Haji Mirwais Hotak remains Mirwais Neeka حاجي ميرويس نيکه (Grandfather Mirwais) a unifier of the Pashtoon people and a national hero. 

Tor_Khan تور خان
*today this would be much of southern Afghanistan and Sistan-Balochistan

For a short film on Afghan History, click here.

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