Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London's Burning

A man is shot dead by the police under mysterious circumstances. The full story remains unclear and in the general summer mood of discontent, a community is outraged.

It starts with a peaceful  vigil - family seeking answers, but in the days following, rioters and looters, black, white, male and female described as "sheer criminals" by Theresa May MP seem to have taken a hold of London. Voices that protested the original shooting and the fatality are muted by the chilling images of anarchy.

Dear Politicians, Police, and Leaders of London, this is social breakdown with intrinsic political, economic and moral foundations. This is the society that you nurture and preside over - the society that we are all part of. The rioters are your children; the anarchists of your own flesh. Who is to blame, but society itself?


  1. Meh! Is it just me or does this Theresa May rrreally, really seem too ignorant to be having any opinions on anything?! But I say this after seeing ridiculous and totally ignorant comments from her for the second or third time.

  2. Salaam-u-Alaikum Q. Pa Khairoona.

    Whilst I am political in sense of being opinionated, I figure that most politicians should not be taken on face value. Salt, is therefore, an essential ingredient.

    Theresa May?? I know very little about her expect for a long time she has fancied herself as a bit of a fashionista, and is particularly known for her shoes. Check out the link of the Ms May in a sari:



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