Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Dawning

The sun rather feebly struggled to shine,
Causing fractions of sky to light up.
Flowers pushed heavy heads out of the soil,
Drunk with sweet water from nature's own cup.

The grass sparkled and glimmered - a carpet of emeralds,
Drops of water reclined on silk petals of rose.
Trickling down to the ground as a gentle, cool breeze,
Spread the heady perfume throughout orchard groves.

Birds shook sodden wings and  soft feathered heads,
Rejoicing in the golden, warm sunshine.
Their sweet tunes travelled throughout the air,
As they wove their love nests with dried twigs and twine.

The sun transformed to a ball of orange flame,
Was merciless soon in its sphere of fierce heat.
Shining in all its supreme glory down,
On the freshly-washed world now ready to greet.

V. Mahfood

Picture taken from CSMonitor showing a scene from China.

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