Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kabul: A City At Work

In my trawls through blogs of note, I came across this one. Away from the news of the war and the political uncertainties, these short films offer a glimpse into life and work in Kabul, Afghanistan. I chose the film here because it features a version of a soundtrack that is connected to an early memory of mine. The song "Yema da Truck Driver" is a light-hearted song, that brings a little smile back to me as I remember hearing this on cassette tape way back when. The version that I know from the movie, Orbal, is available here.

Being a jingle truck painter, is a contemporary art form. What better than to recognise this here:

Tor_Khan تور خان


  1. I remember watching this epic movie as a kid standing in front of the black n white TV cheering Badr and Asif Khan fighting the bad guys "Oye Waha! Oye Waha!" beat em! beat em! acting out every punch hysterically while my parents would watch with amusement. For a very long time I thought it was Zama Da Truck Deerawaar (My Truck Driver) instead of Yema Da Truck Deerawaar (I'm a Truck Driver) till I got a copy of the film couple years back and realized this childhood lapse. It made the song/film even more personal and nostalgic.

  2. Wrayun Jan! Salaam u Alaikum/Pa khairuna! I pray that you are yours are well. I figure that you and I could easy reminisce over a cup of green tea :).

    I love the song and whilst we never had a huge collection of Pashto B/W films, a few classics will remain impressioned on me forever. They are, to all effects, documents of their time.

    One of my favourite films is Daa Gaz au daa Maidan and the simple story of villager triumph over cruel rich folk is one that has all the elements that appeal. Badr Munir steals it for me and captured life in the villages in a kind of nostalgic "how it used to be" way.

    P.S. Thank you for visiting Wrayun. Your thoughtful presence *elsewhere* is missed indeed.


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