Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Infinity and Beyond

Not that we don't deserve it from time to time, but sometimes we need a little perspective on the grandeur we attach to ourselves. I've always been interested in space and beyond - and it serves as a reminder of the magnanimity of an impressive Universe  that Allah has bestowed upon us. 

We are but tiny, tiny specks in the cosmos. There are times though, when perhaps many of us forget and get caught up in our own emotions. I, for sure, know that I have over-stepped on occasions and have had a cantankerous moment where, no doubt, I may have made out that I was the centre of it all. In reality, it's much different, and here's a film that provides some interesting food for thought:


  1. Yet some how we manage to reduce the Creator of all of this to our level... great share.

    Tor_Khan saib, I been reading your blog for quite some time. I eagerly wait for new entries because like always, you give us something fresh to entertain our inner most deep thoughts.

    Thanks again.

  2. Wrayun Graana,

    What an honour for you to pay this space a visit! Dera Manana.

    Be sure to visit again, InshAllah. This is your home, Wror Jaana. Your thoughts and ideas are most welcome. Have some virtual green tea on me!

    Da Allah Pa Amaan.


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