Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Toxic People

There is something about the people we are drawn to and the people that we draw in turn to ourselves; the energy that we give out and the energies we attract and recieve. Either can be positive or negative. 

Sometimes things happen entirely by accident, but for now, let's consider that our energies and actions are charged either negatively or positively. To be positive is to be mentally strong. Mentally strong people understand the importance and influence that human beings have on one another and use this knowledge to their advantage. The mentally strong aren’t flawless or impervious to damage and sometimes even the strongest will fall. 

One trick though, is to plan ahead and avoid the people that make up the worst of the worst. These people are toxic ones and drag you down. Pay heed :) 

Over the next set of posts, I will explore ten types of toxic people, that should, by all accounts be avoided. These posts are inspired by TruthSeekerDaily.com 

Adapted from TruthSeekerDaily.com

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