Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014: Make it Good

Welcome 2014

There isn't much difference between 23.59, December 31st and 00.00, January 1st. I stopped up last night (typical) and ushered in the New Year. It was a quiet affair, at home reflecting on the celebrations being broadcast from around the world. I can't say I felt different from one year to the next.

This past year gone has been a work hard year. I'm reaching that stage in life where I know that I am caught between personal ambition and responsibilities. The latter appears to dominate and one of the reasons I appear to have opted for regularity is because the external pressures around me have grown. Responsbilities to others I believe in, to a point. but an honest confession would be that the head and the heart conflict on this matter, so I wonder what the future holds. As I get older I know that there are fewer opportunties, but ultimately we restrict ourselves don't we? 

We are just microspecs in the universe and yet we are still surrounded by too much conflict in the world around us and in our personal lives. Hope remains my favourite word because it allows our dreams and motivations to thrive, and prayers are made to Allah Almighty. 

Where we are responsible for controlling the events in our own lives, I want to begin 2014 with one simple thought. 

Make it good.

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