Wednesday, 21 September 2011

International Day of Peace

21st September. Peace Day.

Dedicated to everyone. Click here to find out more.

First of all:
إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
There was another high profile assassination in Afghanistan on the eve of International Peace Day. There's a long history of 'blame' in the ongoing Afghan conflict, but right now, let us remember all those who have suffered. May Allah continue to inspire hope and determination to people wherever they may be in the cause for peace and reconciliation.

My feelings remain mixed about the some of the over-simplified representation of this day. I really want the day to have significance. The possibilities post-peace makes the struggle for it worthy of high priority attention. But somewhere I think two things on this website sit uncomfortably with me. Firstly, I not so forgiving of Europeans who overlook the fact that people in conflict zones need to have a full stake in their own peace. Don't get me wrong - every little bit helps, but peace is not something that can be delivered by the egos of pop star and celebrity appearances (who often seemingly miss the point). But the other question which arises, and one that I think is crucial, is the one that asks, "How can we have peace when the causes for disharmony and division are not part of the dialogue for peace?"

Theme continued in the next posting.

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