Monday, 11 April 2011

Talking Through The Door

The words inspire, and as such, Rumi, gets the occasional mention here. This verse, I dedicate to someone who has taken the time to call me a friend. I am humbled, so may I be so honourable as to live up to that ideal. 

Talking Through The Door

You said, Who's at the door?
I said, Your slave.

You said, What do you want?
To see you and bow.

We talked through the door. I claimed
a great love and that I had given up
what the world gives to be in that love.

You said, Such claims require a witness.
I said, This longing, these tears.

You said, Discredited witnesses.
I said, Surely not.

You said, Who did you come with?
This majestic imagination you gave me,

Why did you come?
The musk of your wine was in the air.

What is your intention?

Talking Through the Door Part 1
Talking Through the Door Part 2


  1. This is very fitting dear Gate. Seems it was once again Allah's will for this friendship. I too am humbled.

  2. Thank you :)

    May Allah keep you in safety, health and happiness always.


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