Saturday, 1 May 2010

Books, Pens and Bombs

With the reported re-emergence of the Taliban in Swat, the news that the Pakistan army operation in Waziristan did not succeed in 'eliminating' Hakimullah Mehsud, the recent report that a French missile strike killed children in Kapisa and that the US reports that the violence in Kandahar is set to get worse, the mood is mixed. I look at the situation with confusion. Nothing appears to be black and white. What does the world want with Pashtoons? Why are we unable to find the solutions to move forwards? We have such a wonderful culture, so why must I lament?

نه مې کتاب ملگرى ، نه زۀ قلم پېژنم
Na mi kitab malgaree, na za qalam pejanam
Books are not my friend, and nor do I recognise pens

This song comes from the BBC studios, 1999. Sung by Hashmat Asmand, composed by Mohammed Karawan. The words just break my heart. The discussion - who is ruining schools in Pashtoon areas is explored here. This is something that I would like to come back to in a future posting, InshAllah. Meanwhile may Allah, keep us all safe.

Tor_Khan تور خان

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