Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"My People"

For a while Mariam Jaan had a presence on the blogosphere and today one of her poems gets a mention. This posting in fact is an 'archive' posting that sat in my drafts tray and never got published. It's about 2 years late as it goes as is the introductory paragraph here. Still, I think it is relevant: 

I had a conversation a couple of days ago with someone who said that the descent into chaos in the Pashtun lands was firmly attributed to the Pashtuns themselves. Typically people like him propose that Pashtun suffering is somehow deserved. The issues that plague us are complex, and there are manipulators on the outside, so that assertion is not entirely true in my opinion.We have our faults, but we have such untapped potential. We are not known for bowing our heads before others; and this is surely one of the reasons that manipulation by others continues to blight us.

"My People"

At times I feel I am writing to those who can't read.
Some of you say that God is punishing us for some sin
but how do we win a battle we have yet to even begin?
It is said that God helps those that help themselves.
What have we Pashtuns done to heal our nation's pain?
I see us doing nothing but blame "fate" and just complain.
As far as sinful people there are many than us far worse
yet do they suffer as we do with what we call our curse?
No, they rise up and for freedom they give a brave fight
God will always be on the side of his people who are right
Wishing doesn't make things happen, only our actions do!
My people, you act as if this simple fact is something new!

Mariam Jaan

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  1. It was nice to see this. Thank you Tor_khan :)

  2. Salaamuna Mariam Jaan! Heela kawom chi rogh/jor ye.

    You are more than welcome to drop by and add a comment of two. This post, of course, belongs to you.



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