Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bright Eyes

So why would I dedicate a post to two Netherland Dwarf Rabbits? I'm not sure, tell the truth, but the pictures here warm the heart. If I think about my reasons further, then perhaps, it's a case of having been there once before. I also owe this one to my daughter who carries the badge for the next generation in the family who have taken up animal care whilst young.

Meet Camembert and Harrod.
Taken using my Samsung Galaxy S.


  1. Beautiful! Bravo to your daughter :D I'm so scared of animals for some reason; can't imagine having any other than a parrot ... a parrot that can talk a lot, that is.

  2. Salaam Q! Parrots ... now my Mrs has had parrots. Parrots certainly mimic, but I hear some can be quite mean ...

    ... Meanwhile the rabbits are doing well ...


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