Sunday, 25 December 2011

Peace, Goodwill and Commercialism

In the quiet corner of the Internet that this blog space occupies I have set myself a minor challenge to follow a trail of thought that moves against the current tide of collective acceptance. I figure that with search activities at this time of year preoccupied elsewhere, I just might be able raise an alternative voice regarding 25th December without offending. That would not be my aim, so apologies in advance if I err. 

For me as a Muslim, Christmas has never really been part of my foreground, so Al Hamdulilah I have been spared the commercial excesses. Perhaps, this has been fortunate for me. Not that I would ever wish to deny Christendom from marking an important date - as I recognise the importance for collective celebration.

Regardless of the fact that there is real debate about the exact date of the birth of Isa PBUH (Jesus), and the difference of theological interpretation of a great man and his mission by both Muslims and Christians, it would be fair to say that for many the 25th December has missed out the point of it being mass of Christ. Instead, the commercial Santafication is the current iteration of a winter Pagan/Roman celebration. The objection attached to this therefore has even more resonance at a time when the global Occupy protests aim to draw attention to wanton commercial exploitation (See more here).

Does it make sense, therefore, for some to even call this event 'Christ'mas? Personally, I find it difficult to be at ease with the passive acceptance of commercial Christmas, and especially alarming when the neo-con media appear to be complicit in the overlap. Fortunately, as I have already mentioned, I am spared the worse aspects of this indulgence.

Peace and goodwill to all men? Absolutely. 

But you don't need a date for that.


  1. Thank you for this. While I'm not sure what to call myself any more as far as religion goes or a faith, you are so on target here, I think. We've lost something sacred in the midst of the "Santafication". I wrote a posting a few days ago which speaks to the same theme but from a different perspective, "Some Questions on Bats, Christmas, and the Wild World." Thank you for a lovely posting.

  2. Thank you Shiftless Wanderer for visiting my space and sharing a thought or two.

    Well what what can I say about Christmas? As a Muslim I don't have to opt in to Christmas. The version of Christmas that I have always known has been very commercial and this has very little to do with a spirit of peace, hope and renewal.

    tor_khan تور خان

    PS Visited your blog space, left a comment and you are welcome back to this space anytime at all.


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