Monday, 16 May 2011

د مور او پلار حق

I love the accessibility of Kabir Stori's writing. I owe him a mention as he remains a modern literary master whose published work range from writings on psychology, philosophy, politics to poetry.

Dr Stori died in 2006, but he is impressioned forever, in many of his verses. His signature trick was to have a little mention of himself somewhere (quite often at the end) of his verses. I like this - it's a clever writing device indeed. In this poem, entitled Haq, حق from his Khwagai Misrai خوږې مسرۍ collection, we are reminded of the importance of our parents. Next to our duty of faith and love of Allah, our parents rank very highly. May Allah bless all of ours.

I dedicate this one to mine.
Tor_Khan تور خان


اول حق په هر بنده د خداى غفار دى

پس د داى نه، بيا حق د مور او پلار دى

پس له مرګه به ئى هم روح ناارام وى

چې اخستى چا د مور او پلار ازار دى

په د نيا كى هم ښه ورځ موند لى نه شي

چې خد مت د مور او پلار نه څوك انكار دى

د بخت ستوری به ئى روڼ وي تل تر تله

چې رښتيا د مور او پلار څوك خد متګار دى

ډاکتر کبير ستوری 


  1. Beautiful and simple to understand. I realize the truth in it, when I see and feel the impact of such qualities in my children. Not only that I am lucky and proud of them, I wish that all parents have the gift of such children then the Earth would be the happiest place to live on for every one. Dervaish

  2. Dervaish Saab. May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen. Respect and love for your parents are incredible gifts and blessed are those who have been granted this honour. I take inspiration from your words.

    "Pa dunya kee ham kha wraz mundale na she chi khidmat da mor au plar na tsok inkaar de."

    Dr Kabir says it perfectly.


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